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Next Height LLC

Our Classes

Business Development Program-Small Business


with Multiple Clinicians

Calendar Dec 1, 2020

Next Height agrees to: 

Provide project management services for:

1.  Business development

2.  Business governance

3.  Business finance

4.  Human resources, and community governmental services


a.  Comprehensive Business Plan

b.  Summary Business Plan 

c.  Presentation Business Plan

d.  Elevator Pitch

e.  Action Plans

f.  Financials projected for three years

g.  Power Point Presentations

h.  Human Resources Protocols

i.  Standard Operating Procedures

Emergency Response Plan-Safe and Secure Schools- Return to Educating Protocols


with Dwight Brannon

Calendar Dec 1, 2020

The disruption caused by the current state of affairs that is directly related to a pandemic has changed the purpose of the vehicle we called "Education".  The disruption in circuitry has placed UNFUNDED mandates, which we all hate in education and governance, upon an already strained overburdened system.  

Do we give up or do we “Build a Better America"?

I believe we have an answer utilizing the following deliverables:

1.  Emergency Response Plan that mitigates the risk to the following populations:

    a.  Students and their families

    b.  The Community at Large

    c.  Staff 

2.  CDC and WHO Tracing protocols utilizing Biometric Devices to identify pandemic symptomology through secure HIPAA compliant processes.

3.  Address and improve Rigor, Relevance and Relationship

4.  Move students up Maslow’s Hierarchy with standard and authentic assessments

5.  Prodigy development of student’s talents/passions through authentic assessments with associated rubrics

6.  Parental Involvement in the Educational Process

7.  Revenue generating initiatives

Next Height, LLC is committed to ensuring we can as a United Nation return safely to educating and developing our greatest asset-Our Children.

You already have the pieces in front of you, as my Central Administrative Experience in Education can confirm.

Next Height, LLC provides the "EDGES" to complete the puzzle on the table right now!!!


Family Asset Maximization Plan


with Multiple Clinicians

Calendar Dec 1, 2020


Each family participating, in the Family Asset Maximization Program, will receive the following deliverables:

1.  Comprehensive Business Plan

2.  Presentation Business Plan

3.  Summary Business Plan

3.  Family asset identification documentation

4.  Family Success Plans for individual family members

5.  Book Study Structure

and more...

Passion Pursuit Network Champion Interviewee


with Multiple Clinicians

Calendar Jan 4, 2021

Champion Interviewee

The proposed introduction of the Passion Pursuit Metwork multi-media, multi-generational, and revenue-generating podcast network delivery model will transform our communities.  The Passion Pursuit Network will provide financial infusion into each Black and Brown community.  The PP Netwrok will provide community solutions as the primary platform information concept.  The how-to and success stories will allow listeners and viewers the tools to implement change in their family, their neighborhood, their cities, their nations, and ultimately the globe. 

The Passion Pursuit International Multi-Media Network will highlight a Community Champion in each episode produced.  The Interviewee will have a docuseries, a Bibliography, and educational materials created from their story so students will have an opportunity to learn about them.  

Consider allowing one of our students to interview you. A docuseries is a significant way to leave an indelible mark and legacy for your family and community. Having your Biography written and published by our students opens the doors of possibilities for everyone.  There is more; our students will create educational materials about you, your story, and your contribution to history.  

The Passion Pursuit International Multi-Media Network is your partner in documenting and chronicling your legacy in a professional and meaningful way.  Remember, students everywhere feel inspired by your community contribution(s). Your participation will be much appreciated.  All details regarding this experience will be available for your perusal during the registration process.  Thank you for considering us as your history documenting multimedia engineers.



with Multiple Clinicians

Calendar Jan 4, 2021 at 4 pm, runs for 24 weeks

The aeronautics education series will allow participants to study and apply the skills required to construct and fly model airplanes and launch rockets.  The participants will understand the application of the required skills as they parallel the aeronautic industry.

Clinic participants will attend four technical training sessions with a twenty-five dollar registration fee.

Will run

Fine Arts


with Multiple Clinicians

Calendar Jan 4, 2021 at 4 pm, runs for 24 weeks

A talent show series of events will be offered for the development and education of local talent.  The talent shows will require talent show participants to attend three training sessions and a dress rehearsal prior to actual performance dates. 

The training sessions will educate the participants on music theory, musicality and performance technique.  There will be prize money for both the youth division and open division.  The prize money to be rewarded is :


YOUTH (8 years old - 14 years old) 1st Place- $300 2nd Place- $150 3rd Place- $75

OPEN   (15 years old - 18 years old)  1st Place- $400 2nd Place- $200 3rd Place- $100

ADULT   1st Place- $500 2nd Place- $300 3rd Place- $150


Will run

Visual Arts


with Multiple Clinicians

Calendar Jan 4, 2021 at 4 pm, runs for 24 weeks

The visual arts representation for clinic educational experience will be provided through:

Art Infusion series

Artist market gallery with entertainment

Interactive technical sessions with the artist

Technical training clinics

Each clinic/series requires a twenty-five dollar registration fee.  Four sessions of technical training are required to receive certification.



with Multiple Clinicians

Calendar Jan 4, 2021 at 5 pm, runs for 24 weeks

Talent that is undeveloped in athletics is a barrier to success and academic accountability.  Identification of gifted athletes is very easy.  Each clinic will address academic accountability, film study techniques, and skills development.  The Performance Lab will provide clinics for:

Each clinic/series requires a twenty-five dollar registration fee.  Four sessions of technical training are required to receive certification.

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